Valentine’s! For you!

I have been doing some small paintings inspired by Valentine’s Day and decided to make them into little Valentine’s cards. Every year when Valentine’s Day comes around I think back to the little Valentine’s I swapped as a kid. Tiny cards in tiny envelopes, I just love them! And those silly phrases, like “owl always love you”…I couldn’t resist using that one. So these are in that style:

Owls, foxes, and a pink bird!

I’ve put them up here as a free download for your personal use, just print and clip them out. I highly suggest making tiny envelopes to go with them! Click the image below to download:

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  1. Lucia Says:

    Hi Kate,
    I collect owls so I loved the cards.Thank you very much for sharing and free download.You really do a wonderful job!!!Hope you come with more owls!!
    I know Orlando ( I used to live in Miami),so at least once a month my daughter
    and I were having fun in Disney.Now I’m in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil.My best regards,Lucia

  2. Shera Says:

    Adorable! I love them, thanks for sharing!

  3. Freebie Roundup: Owl Valentine’s Cards | The Owl Museum Says:

    [...] free Valentines in the style of the small cards we used to exchange in grade-school. Visit her blog the little nuthatch to download [...]

  4. Ann Fennell Says:

    Thank you for sharing the lovely valentines. The paper dolls are adorable, too.

    I had a large bird, maybe slightly larger than a cardinal, try to eat at one of my feeders. He was too large for the feeders (my son is making me some perches to add and I wedged a knife in temporarily so the handle could serve as a perch).

    The bird was shades of grey, dark grey to pale. I’d really like to know what it is. I didn’t see it in the “Birds of North Carolina” chart. I didn’t get a picture. I guess I’ll have to leave the camera by the window.

    Do you have any idea what it could be? It looked a little like the Gnatcatcher, but perhaps larger with a smoother, more streamlined shape. This is in Hendersonville, NC (North Carolina Mountains).

    Thanks for sharing a lovely website.

    Warm Regards,
    Ann 828-606-8446

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