Mead Gardens.

I knew there was a Barred Owl family with owlet at Mead Gardens, today I finally went and saw them. That is Papa Owl in photo above. The owlet is already as big as the adults, although that is with a considerable amount of fluff. Owls are so cool, and this made my day!

Mead Gardens is a beautiful location. There are a lot of birds, bugs, and flowers. I saw some of the migrating birds, since they are too hard to photograph I drew a picture of some of the warblers I saw today:


  1. Andrea says:

    Ooh.. Cute! I went to look for the Owls but I only had about 20 minutes to walk around and wasn’t really sure where they were… so I didn’t find them. I did see a snake in the water – I tried looking it up but wasn’t sure what it was. It seemed to act very aggressive – I wasn’t sure if I was near its nest or something. I didn’t hang around too much longer.

    Where should I look for the owls next time?

  2. Kate says:

    The owls are about 100-200 feet south of the pond. The owlet is the ear tree. I went again on Saturday, I could hear the parents far off in the woods and the owlet was verrrry high up in the tree, I could only just see it with my binoculars.
    I saw a cottonmouth snake both times. The mama owl was getting pretty excited about it, I waited for a while to see if she’d go after it because that would be one hell of a thing to see! but no… Then Saturday there was this guy fishing and he was totally riling the thing up, I got away as fast as I could!!

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