A constant birder.

One thing I love about birds is that they no know boundaries. You can bird watch anywhere.

I saw those guys while dropping my recycling off at the City Hall!

And that Palm Warbler there was on the fence behind work.

Keep your eyes open and yours ears listening!

Backyard Birds of the United States.

I have taken on a project. Backyard Bird Guides for each state featuring their top 25 birds. Thanks to the wonderful resource of Cornell’s Project FeederWatch I compiled the lists of birds by going through the past 5 years of FeederWatch records. I hope they are accurate and satisfactory! I am using my existing Florida and North Carolina guides as starting points and compiling the guides, painting new birds as needed. I will work my way from East Coast to West, as more and more birds will need to be painted as I move into unknown territory! And Hawaii will be a whole project on it’s own- TOTALLY different!

Here are my first twelve… Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and West Virginia:


These are all available as 13×19 prints in my etsy shop.

Next up, New Jersey!

Mushrooms and a river otter.

I felt very special seeing the Otter in the photo above. It was working it’s way through a ditch and I quickly snapped this photo before it popped out and into the thick palmettos.

The rest of my walk that day, after a long bout of rain, I just saw mushroom after mushroom emerging from the ground. Not as exciting as an Otter, but still something I enjoy seeing.


Totoro’s Top.

I did this painting back in April and forgot to post it here. It is the Totoro’s from one of my favorite movies, My Neighbor Totoro, flying through the night sky on their spinning top. Over the rice paddies!

I am now working on a painting of the Totoro’s growing the trees from seeds. That is my favorite scene from the movie. It seems to real to me, like you should really be able to will plants to grow in such a way!