Backyard Birds of the United States.

I am so happy to say my Backyard Birds of the United States prints project is almost done! I have finished 49 out of 50 guides and the only one I have left is Hawaii! Hawaii will be done next year. With only one to go, I am feeling pretty excited right now.

The prints are now available on Etsy, Handmade at Amazon, and Scoutmob.

Here is a selection:







And the rest can be seen at Etsy, Handmade at Amazon, and Scoutmob.


It was so awesome to do this project and learn about the common backyard birds across the United States! Now I’m ready for a trip to see some of these guys!

Work in progress: New bird guides of North America.

When I first started painting classification chart/field guide style paintings they were focused on the bird list for Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, to learn more about the birds at what is one of my favorite birding spots. At that time I didn’t know that other people would want these paintings on their own walls, and I’m honored to have received such a great response. Thank you!

That brings me to a new project, that is to redo those original guides to include the birds of North America beyond the specifics of Florida. Here is some current work in progress on what will be a pretty lengthy and ongoing project:

Shorebirds, freshly painted:

Ducks, penciled and awaiting paint:

Morning at Lyonia Preserve.

Yesterday I participated in the DeLand Indie Market, which was nestled between old buildings in the downtown, and offered good food and lovely arts and crafts. A great day!

DeLand also happens to be near one of my favorite places, the Lyonia Preserve. I left in the dark to get there just after sunrise, allowing time for a walk before the market. Lyonia is home to rare scrub land and one of the few remaining homes of the Florida Scrub Jay. They’re friendly birds who usually greet you there, as one did for me yesterday.

More Backyard Birds of the States.

I’ve just put up a bunch of new Backyard Bird Guides for different states up on Etsy. I’m enjoying learning the range of my local birds, and now as I move into the west, I will be painting and learning some new ones!

Here are the many new additions:









New Hampshire

North Carolina

South Carolina



Bat, Flamingo, Tortoise, and Hummingbird.

In the last few weeks I’ve painted and made some new cards, specifically Happy Birthday cards, and one Thank You!

I had originally come up with all these cards with specific friends in mind. Hopefully others will enjoy them too.





Gopher Tortoise:


Ruby-throated Hummingbird:


They are available on my etsy, Kate Dolamore Art.



Looked around some books & websites, but what type of caterpillar is this? Not sure…

Love all the little critters out right now!